Support QUGA

The Quail and Upland Game Alliance was formed to promote and facilitate the establishment, maintenance and restoration of quail and upland game habitat. We believe in maintaining autonomous county chapters for maximum efficiency and local management of funds. Supporters can get involved in a number of ways, from becoming QUGA members to establishing and maintaining habitats on their private land.


Whatever level of involvement or support you choose, the Quail and Upland Game Alliance offers numerous benefits. Plus, your donation and membership is tax deductible.Whether you are a property owner in need of funds and land management advice, wish to start a local QUGA chapter or want to become an individual member of a thriving wildlife preservation group, the QUGA is here to suit your needs. Our activities and resources help in the following ways:

  • Habitat preservation
  • Making the most of state resources
  • Teaching kids the value of ecological and wildlife preservation
  • Expert advice from wildlife biologists
  • Access to hunting areas
  • Cost-share assistance
  • Great deals on seed
  • Assistance in obtaining herbicides & chemicals

When you register for membership or start a local chapter, you’ll become part of a well-structured, financially sound organization. If you’re a property owner seeking assistance with habitat preservation, you’ll have access to habitat management advice, government grants and professional equipment. Are you looking for a fun yet educational event for a youth group? We have the perfect solution.